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Hi there! My name is Lindsey. I'm a developer-in-training from Santa Cruz CA, helping people find happiness in their data at Looker. I'm passionate about UX design, linguistics, neuroscience, baking, and making fun things that work.

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I'm currently working with an amazing group of people working to build the world's best data exploration tool. I am a Customer Success Analyst, providing training and troubleshooting via our in-app live chat. I am working towards contributing as a developer on our product.

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Pomona College

Pomona is a liberal arts college in Claremont, CA. As a undergraduate, I worked on a thesis project on the effects of orthographic neighborhood size and presentation bias on brain activity. I designed and implemented experiments, tested human subjects using EEG protocols in a professional and safe environment, and presented research at a year-end presentation and in a final manuscript

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